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Client Testimonials

Having returned to Atlanta proper, knowing no one, I was forced to surf the web desperate for anything or anyone that would ease my misfortune. A Slip and Fall forced my lifestyle to take an abrupt halt.
This state is littered with established, well meaning law firms. I happened upon Ms. Lourie's site and left an after hour message, an immediate reply came the following morning.
Robin and her staff simplified my confusion, answering and clarifying every question and concern I had. Translating the legal system into a language I could easily grasp.
Ms. Lourie's persistent capabilities were constantly tested as my case evolved. Her grace and professionalism softened my anxiety throughout this ordeal.
There is no scale to rate this woman, she makes a "10" look like a lazy "3". If I could shout from the mountaintop... She is the wisest choice throughout this humble state of Georgia.
She Won my case and won my heart.
Thank you, Ms.RL. Forever grateful, a Midwest transplant.

- Susan S. In Palmetto.

I was referred to Robin Lourie after contacting multiple attorneys who were not interested in helping me. My situation was complicated and I could find no one who wanted to take on a large company with a large number of attorneys. They didn't think it was worth their time and they wouldn't make enough money even if we prevailed and most didn't think we would. I had almost given up when I was referred to Robin. She wanted to personally hear my story. She was very patient and very kind. I felt better just for her listening. She was willing to meet me on my side of town, we talked, went over facts and she offered to help. She went to work for me with no idea she would ever be paid. It took a lot of her time and more patience than most people have. She prevailed. During the time it took to resolve my issues, I came to think of her as a friend. She is a wonderful, sweet person but she's tough. She doesn't give up. I will always be grateful for her.

- Debbie

When I walked into Robin's office a year ago I was a broken person with no reason to trust anyone. After I told her my story, upon leaving her office Robin said, "Mrs. Thomas go home and take care of yourself and your daughter. I will do all I can for you". Almost a year later Robin kept her promise and then some. Robin is not only a great lawyer, she is a fantastic person.

- A. Thomas

Robin was very thorough, and kept me informed of everything. I could not of had a better experience with anyone else. Beth also kept me up to speed by phone, email, and just the day to day progress was so comforting. I had a medical device case, and they could not of represented me better. Even after all was said, and done they have checked on me, and that means the world to me! It has been a year almost since, but we still are very grateful for their time, knowledge, success, and friendship! If you are reading this, and still question just be reassured you won't go wrong!

- Shelley

Jul 05, 2016

August of 2015 I was in a devastating auto accident which was the other person's fault. Robin Lourie did a wonderful job for me. She was patient when trying to explain things to me. She made sure I understood everything . She stayed in contact with me and kept me informed. She made sure I received everything that I could get representing me perfectly. She was professional and compassionate.

- Annette Padgett

Jul 03, 2016

I had the BEST experience with Robin Lourie. She is a very sharp, smart, and compassionate attorney.

- Chelsi Lewis