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Product Liability

Robin Lourie has successfully litigated defective product cases in Georgia for years. She previously represented manufacturers of products and she will use that experience to benefit your case. Defective products may include medications, medical devices, elevators, yard equipment, machinery or any other product. Claims against manufacturers of products include those for defective design, defective manufacturing, and inadequate warnings. Often the manufacturers have recalled these defective products at the direction of the FDA.

Robin Lourie Law, PC is actively pursuing defective products claims on the following cases, as well as many others:

Robin Lourie has extensive experience with MultiDistrict Litigation (MDL) in federal court, which is how many product liability cases are pursued. Ms. Lourie currently represents a client in the Bard IVC filter MDL whose case has been selected as 1 of 6 in the country to be tried as a bellwether case.

What You Should Do if You Have Been Injured by a Product?

If you have been injured by a defective product it is imperative that you keep the product in the same condition as it was in when it caused your injury. Typically, an expert examination of the product is required to determine the cause of the product defect. If the product is a drug, keep the remaining prescription and packaging, including any inserts. It is also important to keep any purchase documents you have related to the product.

If the product is a medical device that is removed from your body, ask your physician to place the product in a sealed container to give to you after the removal. If the medical device is sent to the pathology lab for evaluation after removal, you are entitled to recover the product after it is tested. Unfortunately, hospitals destroy these medical devices in a short period of time after they are sent to the pathology lab. That is one reason it is important to contact an attorney quickly.

Often a manufacturer will send a representative to the removal procedure, and the representative will take the product. If this has happened in your case, you or your attorney should notify the manufacturer, as soon as possible, to retain the product as evidence in your potential case. If you have been injured by a medical device, and you do not know the identity of the manufacturer of the product we can obtain your implant records from the hospital to learn this information.

If you have been injured by a defective product and would like a free evaluation of your potential claim, give us a call or email us at (678) 553-3130 or

Specific Case Results
  • $1,700,000 - A women severely burned by a decorative fuel gel pot
  • $500,000 - Injury resulting from herbal supplement
  • $350,000 - Recalled Stryker hip
  • $175,000 - Wound caused by defective catheter
  • $170,000 - Failed IVC filter
Client Testimonials
August of 2015 I was in a devastating auto accident which was the other person's fault. Robin Lourie did a wonderful job for me. She was patient when trying to explain things to me. She made sure I understood everything . She stayed in contact with me and kept me informed. She made sure I received everything that I could get representing me perfectly. She was professional and compassionate. Annette Padgett
I had the BEST experience with Robin Lourie. She is a very sharp, smart, and compassionate attorney. Chelsi Lewis
Robin was very thorough, and kept me informed of everything. I could not of had a better experience with anyone else. Beth also kept me up to speed by phone, email, and just the day to day progress was so comforting. I had a medical device case, and they could not of represented me better. Even after all was said, and done they have checked on me, and that means the world to me! It has been a year almost since, but we still are very grateful for their time, knowledge, success, and friendship! If you are reading this, and still question just be reassured you won't go wrong! Shelley